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Stories appearing in You Gotta Wear Shades

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“I just think it’s weird that you talk to her almost every day.  You don’t even talk to me every day.”

The Distinct Mosaic of Marivel Parado

Marivel woke first, nudged awake by the rosy mock-sunrise on the wallscreen. Brannagh lay with her back to Marivel, the freckles on her shoulders beginning to show in the gradually increasing light.


The bright midday sun blazed like a searchlight into the lilac and cherrywood drawing room. The air, still and stagnant, reeked from the large bunch of wilting daylilies in a vase on the sideboard.

A Milder Fate

What happened to the books of Alexandria?Thieves, Christians, caliphs and Caesars—all have been accused, but none are guilty. There was no great catastrophe, no fire that snatched the Library from existence in hours or minutes.

Tristyn and Ludmillo Play the Fringe

As creative director of the Beta-quadrant New Millennial Shakespeare Players, Trystyn Webforce had seen plenty of prop laser spears. And yet this was the first time he had seen a real one this close to being shoved up his nose.

Maslow's Howitzer

I shipped from the factory with several hundred variations of the offer I was about to make. Some were phrased as tentative questions. Others, polite invitations. Some trailed off suggestively, while others had the force of a command.

Authenticity Soup

Backpacking Mars had recommended getting comfortable with your survival gear before a hike, and Olivine had followed that advice with dogged, dogmatic enthusiasm.