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Stories appearing in Winter 2015

The Will of Parliament

"By the request of the interim Queen, Lilium Leigh Regele, I declare the Fairy Parliament prorogued," the Viceroy announced. "Parliament will resume at dusk on the next full moon. At that time we shall acknowledge the reign of the leader of whichever majority party has the confidence of Parliament."

Excerpt Regarding the Departed from the Diagnostic and Necromantic Manual, 5th Edition

4.200 – Reuniting with Departed Lovers, Pets, and/or Network-enabled Electronic Devices, Alternate Methods for

Au Ciel Monte

Bet didn’t remember Earth. At thirty-three, she was the youngest person still living on Lambert’s Stand who had come by starship. That was thirty years ago now, when the last colony ship arrived—before the wormhole closed, before Earth fell silent.

Stealing the Sun

Qohil, war chief of Sun-Eyed Sky Jaguar and overseer of the conquered city of Xitlan, was not amused by the bloated body floating down the canals. It was an unsightly thing, dishonoring the main waterway between palace and ball court.

Tamers of the Green

Jori stood with her friend Hordan at the edge of the stone flats and watched the writhing green. Hordan stood so close that the surges in the green came within arm’s reach and Jori twitched to pull her friend back to safety.

Things my Mother Told Me

I'm a Traveller boy. The first act of magic I knew was one of transformation: my old man packed us up when me and my sister were still kids, told us we weren't “fucking Gypsies”, and we went to live with his family.


What you have to understand, when I say it doesn't matter, is that some days I honestly don't know. A poor memory and a good imagination can do a number on your past.

Ars Longa, Amor Brevis

He: The end of a love affair is like the destruction of a homunculus. Once it ran and sang, showing itself in joy to the world. Then suddenly it disintegrates into a pile of dried rose petals and ashes.