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Stories appearing in Spring 2015

Charge! Love Heart!

Sometimes when you’re lying awake in bed and pretending to be asleep because it’s way too late for a high school student to be up, you can hear ‘um; a series of bass thumps, more felt than heard, the footsteps of a giant.

Common Knowledge

The highwayman waited in a copse near the foot of Trilby Bridge. Overhead, a half-moon rode the star-flecked darkness, glinting like a coin dropped between cobbles.


I’m watching from the lobby camera as you enter your apartment building at the end of a busy day. Manhattan: Central Park West. Very fancy. I like that you live in such an elegant setting.

The Three Brother Cities

The creators, when they finally arrived, proved to be a disappointment.

Selections from the Aarne-Thompson Index for After the End of Things

Two men playing a card game (or ball game) which dates from civilized times argue over its rules. An old man, bent and ragged over a trembling cane, approaches to claim that both are wrong, but dies before he can teach them the proper way of playing the game.

The Sour Thread of Doubt

Mayu, High Priestess of the Great Temple, purified her body in the stone fountain at the base of the temple complex. The water was glacier-cold, and stung then numbed her thin, wrinkled skin.

The Man on the Church Street Omnibus

From Gloucester Road to Kensington Church Street is two stops of the dark-green-liveried public omnibus, operated by the Kensington and Hammersmith Company for the benefit of local inhabitants and the great profit of its shareholders.

Wearing the Hat

“Look, Mistress Rose,” said the Gryphon Clerk, “we can do this one of two ways.”