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Stories appearing in The Ships We Sail

While You Were Making Other Plans

Thursday afternoon found Ren in her usual haunt, in the back of Joey’s bar, watching Joey’s granddaughter Drea try and fail to teach Matt how to play pool.


Most days were the same but one day was very bad.

Lady Aurulent, Detective and Purported Sorcerer, in: The Case of the Missing Pilot

Blue-gray clouds gathered in the west like a watching animal, clotting and darkening, readying to pounce.

Lab Notes: Flimax Orpah (et Girt)

The slug-like invertebrates of sector T-45, Hydra Galaxy, were the most fascinating Dr. Orpah Dit-Clonge had ever seen.

The Wake

The first concession that had to be made was that the second S was going to have to be backwards.

The Crash

It never would have been easy, but there were better ways she could have found out than unfolding the newspaper on her breakfast tray and reading the stark inarguable headline: KALUMARIA HEIRESS KILLED IN DIRIGIBLE CRASH.