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Stories appearing in Puzzle Box

Drinker Tailor Doctor Spy

Lucian staggered out of the taxi nearly sideways, struggling like an off-balance giraffe to stay on his feet as the car started to pull away from him. The door wasn't even closed. He pulled his jacket over his head in some futile effort to keep dry in the downpour.

Start All Over Again

“But do you think they are?” Bob asked, out of the corner of his mouth.

The Angels of Lost Days

The bleak moon cast little light for the priest to navigate by, as it filtered through the high barred windows to the dank corridors of Newgate Prison.

Moon and Memory

As we expected, all three of the girls landed in the North Atlantic. Océane inhaled a lungful of water without feeling it, but the others had more trouble.


The Bermuda Race was in three weeks. The man that David Song's father had sailed with since before David could remember—Zhou Peng, from Mashpee—had agreed to crew The Dark Side of the Moon one last time before retirement.

The Hand and the Eye

The beast swiped at her, making her stumble. As it advanced, its features filled her vision: in this dim, only red glowing eyes, blue-white curls of flame on every panting breath, the silhouette of its batlike ears and bristle of hair and swirling cloak.


Passengers, your attention please; this is your first officer speaking. We are now seventy-four minutes out from docking at Varaha Prime.

The Chalice of Kel

Richard Ransome? I know the man well. You probably heard us arrive at the inn. I hope we didn’t wake you. It was after midnight. Ransome prefers to travel at night and I’ve gotten used to it.

Captain Fancyknickers and the Murkrat Irregulars

My Dearest Zech and Sela, though it’s been only two weeks since I left you to serve in the Irregular Fleet, it feels like months. I hope you are well, and that you are flourishing under your grandmother’s care.

2 + 1 = 2

After a year of this, Zip was only just learning how to predict when Isidore would collapse. But since Isidore was never present at the time, she could neither warn him nor ask him for advice on how best to deal with his body.

Media Nocte

The aluminum baseball bat caved in with a dull thunk as it hit her head. Lia rolled her eyes as she turned around to face the culprit. Bullets would have stung. But a baseball bat? That was just insulting.