The Sockdolager!

highly fictional fiction.

created by and mostly about

Excellent Characters

featuring nothing but the finest

Artisanal Malarkey
Single-origin Baloney
Small-batch Balderdash
Hand-packed Lies
Barrel-aged Claptrap
and good old-fashioned home-made Nonsense.

for all who love tales of

Wizards / Spaceships
& Mysteries


Recognizably Human Emotion



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The newest, longest, greatest Sockdolager anthology ever is here! If features eleven stories across a delightful assortment of genres—and yet, somehow, they all fit together in the same tidy container. Open up Puzzle Box today!


Purchase the very first Sockdolager anthology, a delightful little ebook containing seven tales about love in transit: The Ships We Sail!

Guess what!

An entirely new Sockdolager anthology is even now in production. We're as excited about it as you are. Probably more excited, actually.