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Summer 2017

Ten all-new stories! Melancholy victories over dark empires, brilliant comeuppances delivered to rotten boyfriends, spaceships, genies, unintended consequences—The Sockdolager's extra-long Summer 2017 issue delivers the goods. If by "goods" you mean good-ass short fiction.

Winter 2016

A Sockdolager first! Guest editor Rawles Marie Lumumba has selected for you 8 stories on the theme of WOMEN OF WAR: Eight tales of struggle, sacrifice, victory, and defeat, across the usual sweep of speculative modes and genres.

Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 issue of The Sockdolager contains (among other things) tales of: Woman versus River Goddess, Man versus Butter Goddess, Villagers versus The Vain Ambitions of Empire, and Truck versus The Inexorable March of Time.

Summer 2016

Behold! The Sumer 2016 issue of The Sockdolager! Seven brilliant tales of hot seagull boys, zombie cover bands, universe-hopping office jobs, and more.

Spring 2016

Spring has arrived, and with it a new issue of The Sockdolager! Ambulatory bookstores, problematic spectral inheritances, and wish fulfillment of the worse kind—all these and more can be found in the Spring 2016 issue! Celebrate the thaw with this octet of finely-wrought genre fiction!

Winter 2015

Drive away Winter's chill with these eight tales of pursuit—of votes, of justice, of glory, of knowledge, of connection, and of an audience for one's film festival. Table of Contents The Will of Parliament by Charlotte Ashley Excerpt Regarding the Departed from the Diagnostic and Necromantic Manual, 5th Edition

Fall 2015

Summer's heat has broken and the delights of autumn are upon us! Among them: These eight fascinating tales of delight, tragedy, intrigue, and one very persistent electronic greeting card sound chip.

Summer 2015

Herein, and Holy Moses: The second issue of The Sockdolager! Containing seven gripping tales of the earthy, the eerie, the fantastical, the transcendental, and the eternal. #holegators

Spring 2015

The first issue of The Sockdolager is here! It contains eight tales of STRANGE ADVENTURE! But not in a stupid way. In a fun, beautiful, eerie, wonderful way. But you don't have to take my word for it.

You Gotta Wear Shades

The latest anthology from The Sockdolager, You Gotta Wear Shades, contains an astonishing seven tales of brighter futures. Because we happen to think things are in fact gonna get better. Way better, and way brighter. So bright, in fact, that... well, you know.

Puzzle Box

Open Puzzle Box and find the delights therein: Eleven pieces of short fiction from the best writers you've never heard of, across a dazzling variety of genres. Superheroes, spaceships, monsters, aliens, sailboats, dimension-hopping, demon-punching, time travel, pirates, and (yes) coffee shops!

The Ships We Sail

The Ships We Sail is an anthology of seven stories about adventure with kissing! If you like adventure and kissing, this is a book you should read.