The Sockdolager presents...
The Ships
We Sail
An anthology of stories about love in transit.

rocket sailboat airship

The Background

It occurred to us one bourbon-seasoned afternoon in March that Kissing and Adventure make really excellent partners—you know, in stories. And we thought to ourselves how grand it would be to assemble an anthology of fiction dedicated to making that case.

And by Jove, we think we've done it.

What we did was we bothered our talented friends and their talented friends and waved patently false promises of internet/literary fame and fortune under their noses, which they politely pretended to believe, indulging our falsehoods, concluding correctly that we were full of shit. And they wrote something for us anyway.

So this is a kissing book, but it is also filled with events both harrowing and mundane! Airship chases, shipboard heists, and daring microgravity maneuvers high above the Red Planet! It is as much about things happening as it is about smooching, in the final analysis. And it costs very little. A pittance, really.

Thanks entirely to the efforts of our contributors, we've compiled a collection of stories that we feel makes an excellent case for more adventure with more kissing.

You should totally buy it.

The Stories

The Ships We Sail includes the following seven tales. Following the links hereunder will lead you to a tantalizing preview of each.

The Sell (It's only 99 cents!)

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